Tau Vs Eldar Corsairs 1750 Points

Glorious victory (4-1) to the forces of the greater good over the pernicious space elf pie rats...

Full battle report here.

It might be of interest to some of you that the Eldar player recently won best painted army at a Tempus Fugitives event...

And yes, those are Eldar Corsairs (IA:11), not Craftworld Eldar (Codex: Eldar) or Dark Eldar (Codex: Dark Eldar)...
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Issuing and accepting challenges while locked in CC?

A new rules query came up in a game yesterday and neither my opponent nor I could find a rule for it.

My opponent's Librarian was locked in combat with a unit of 10 infantrymen when a second unit charged him. My opponent then issued a challenge to this second unit.
My thoughts were that this was not permitted as it would make little sense for a character who is already dodging blows to be able to step back and issue such a challenge. It's even less likely that members of the unit with whom he is already fighting would stop, step back and allow him a square go with another unit's Captain!
However, we could find nothing in the BRB that prevented it. Does this sound right to anyone as if it is allowed, it feels like it could be easily abused?
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Help me stay focused...

So, I have decided that I will try to get back into painting a little. I suspect it will take me about 5 minutes to get bored and stop again.

But anyway, recommend me some 40k related pod casts and/or video blogs that might help me retain my interest in this boring chore...
I really liked Beasts of War until their good videos went behind a paywall -_-


I played my first 'offical' game with the new Dark Eldar army in the campeign last night.

It was a tie. My opponent nearly cried out in joy. I was told by an onlooker that he had never seen FEAR in the eyes of a player during a game that was so obvious before today. My opponent agreed. He was afraid. Very afraid. So i feel even though i had 'tied' I still won the highground. Fear, as it stands can be just as potent a weapon for the next game, reason i'm more then happy for utilizing. Jokingly I said "I let your live... just so you can tell the others." lol. Thats particularly darkeldarish thing to do I think =P

It was all in good fun. It was a great game. The Dice gods saw me favored, they did not for my opponent. Tactically neither one of us did nothing wrong and my army pulled off some rediculous stunts that only the luck of dice could see fit to grace me with performing.

In the end I had lost 1 Ravager, 1 Raider, and 1 Trueborne (the Trueborne consequence of the Raider detonating under Salicious's feet). And all 3 I lost on the bottom of turn 5 -which resulted in a tie game. Both the Ravager and the Raider were on his objective at the time.

Turn 1 I had but a single Ravager on the field. It killed his Defiler
Turn 2 I had killed his Vindicator, who had widely missed its mark on the 1st Ravager. My 2nd Dark Lance wielding Ravager deep struck (thanks to Salicious) and hit it on an exposed flank with all 3 dark lances, ending it spectacularly. The 1st Ravager immoblized a Rino.
Turn 3 Salicius and all 19 Trueborne assaulted the immobilized Rino, covering every hatch. Salicus gave the order that his own unit take the kill, and so when 9 Haywire grenades fell into the window slits and under the tracks of the immoblized Rino, ceiled the Khorne Berzerkers in and turned it into a brick house oven. Additionally my 1st Ravager and a warrior unit took out his 2 Obliterators. The warrior unit was the only INFANTRY unit that fired there weapons for the entire battle and ONLY on this turn.
Turn 4 I destroyed a Rino, causing an emergency disembarcation from a unit of Death Company. He nor I could see nothing to kill, he tried to deepstrike his terminator squad near my own objective but landed on a Raider and had to redeploy.
Turn 5 I failed misserably to eliminate his remaining Rino and caused no casulties. He deepstruck his Terminator unit on his own objective, and piled on his Death Company and his Thousand Sons upon the objective as well. Salicius lost his Raider (and the 1 Trueborne casulty with it. My assumption is Salicius probably shot him for no other reason then he felt it simply witty to do so... and because he realized now he had to walk and was quite angry because of it) I also lost the Ravager. Both vehicles were contesting his objective at the time -which caused a tie game as a result.
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40K of 40K

OK, so I decided to start a blog detailing my climb to 40,000 points of 40K. The details are there, but the gist is that I have a big Tyranid army that is fully painted and a sizable Imperial force that is partially painted. While joking with a friend, he mentioned I could eventually field 20,000 points of each force against each other on a table and literally have Warhammer 40,000 (points). Well, it got me thinking, I was closer than I thought. So I am blogging the journey there. Check it out and let me know what you all think (My GW Rep thinks I need help...)

Blog is here
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Emperor Help Me

Title: Emperor Help Me
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,026
Genre: Warhammer 40,000
Characters: Ciaphas Cain, Ferik Jurgen, Amberly Vail, Briar Zack, Santiago Varen
Author's Notes: Santiago and Khelvahn, as well as the campaign referenced on Dorn VII, belong to javieralcover, while Deb(elius) belongs to Jared Skald. I regret nothing with this crossover (original characters from a roleplay game, put with established canons, so I'm calling it a crossover) which I've decided is now canon. It all started with me imagining how... interesting it would be if Cain was faced with Briar's compulsive saluting. That, and I miss playing the character, so it's fun to write her sometimes. The two first-person narratives needed to structure this story like one of the canon stories was a nice challenge as well. Footnotes are at the bottom of the fic. And yey for techno-babble!
Disclaimer: Unlike most of my Warhammer 40,000 stories, this one involves a few characters pre-established in canon. Cain, Jurgen, Amberly, Broklaw, Zyvan and Kasteen are the creation of the spectacular Sandy Mitchell - the first book in the series is For The Emperor, and I'd recommend it to 40,000 fans and sci-fi fans alike. It doesn't take itself as seriously as the rest of the fandom and as such really gets you into things without being intimidating. Warhammer itself belongs to The Games Workshop.

"At ease, trooper." )
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The humble Tau Barracuda

How many of you guys use the Barracuda and how is it working out for you?
In case you're wondering: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer-40000/TAU-BARRACUDA.html

The Tau Heavy Support slot is already crowded with juicy choices, but since I have it I feel like I ought to use it.

I am a huge fan of the Sky Ray, Hammerhead and XV-88s, so I’m not sure what I could want to drop in favour of the Barracuda.

The Sky Ray gives me some extra marker lights and those wonderful seeker missiles.
The Hammerhead obviously gives us a relatively mobile railgun that can also blast away pesky Eldar/IG with pie plates.
XV-88s we all know and love, but they aren’t exactly very mobile…

The Barracuda gives us 3 S7 AP3 shots, 6 S5 AP5 shots, 2 S7 AP4 shots and can be upgraded with 4 seeker missiles.
I suspect I’ll give it a go instead of my sky ray soon, but what do you guys think?

The rules are in IA3: The Taros Campaign.

And yes, I know that this edition of 40k was perhaps not designed with flyer rules in mind, but they are here so I want to use it...
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