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Malicious - warhammer 40k
I played my first 'offical' game with the new Dark Eldar army in the campeign last night.

It was a tie. My opponent nearly cried out in joy. I was told by an onlooker that he had never seen FEAR in the eyes of a player during a game that was so obvious before today. My opponent agreed. He was afraid. Very afraid. So i feel even though i had 'tied' I still won the highground. Fear, as it stands can be just as potent a weapon for the next game, reason i'm more then happy for utilizing. Jokingly I said "I let your live... just so you can tell the others." lol. Thats particularly darkeldarish thing to do I think =P

It was all in good fun. It was a great game. The Dice gods saw me favored, they did not for my opponent. Tactically neither one of us did nothing wrong and my army pulled off some rediculous stunts that only the luck of dice could see fit to grace me with performing.

In the end I had lost 1 Ravager, 1 Raider, and 1 Trueborne (the Trueborne consequence of the Raider detonating under Salicious's feet). And all 3 I lost on the bottom of turn 5 -which resulted in a tie game. Both the Ravager and the Raider were on his objective at the time.

Turn 1 I had but a single Ravager on the field. It killed his Defiler
Turn 2 I had killed his Vindicator, who had widely missed its mark on the 1st Ravager. My 2nd Dark Lance wielding Ravager deep struck (thanks to Salicious) and hit it on an exposed flank with all 3 dark lances, ending it spectacularly. The 1st Ravager immoblized a Rino.
Turn 3 Salicius and all 19 Trueborne assaulted the immobilized Rino, covering every hatch. Salicus gave the order that his own unit take the kill, and so when 9 Haywire grenades fell into the window slits and under the tracks of the immoblized Rino, ceiled the Khorne Berzerkers in and turned it into a brick house oven. Additionally my 1st Ravager and a warrior unit took out his 2 Obliterators. The warrior unit was the only INFANTRY unit that fired there weapons for the entire battle and ONLY on this turn.
Turn 4 I destroyed a Rino, causing an emergency disembarcation from a unit of Death Company. He nor I could see nothing to kill, he tried to deepstrike his terminator squad near my own objective but landed on a Raider and had to redeploy.
Turn 5 I failed misserably to eliminate his remaining Rino and caused no casulties. He deepstruck his Terminator unit on his own objective, and piled on his Death Company and his Thousand Sons upon the objective as well. Salicius lost his Raider (and the 1 Trueborne casulty with it. My assumption is Salicius probably shot him for no other reason then he felt it simply witty to do so... and because he realized now he had to walk and was quite angry because of it) I also lost the Ravager. Both vehicles were contesting his objective at the time -which caused a tie game as a result.

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westrider From: westrider Date: May 12th, 2012 02:28 pm (UTC) (Link)
I haven't used them myself, but I love playing against Dark Eldar. Such a great challenge, and a very different one to any other Army. Very refreshing.
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