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Emperor Help Me - warhammer 40k
Emperor Help Me
Title: Emperor Help Me
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,026
Genre: Warhammer 40,000
Characters: Ciaphas Cain, Ferik Jurgen, Amberly Vail, Briar Zack, Santiago Varen
Author's Notes: Santiago and Khelvahn, as well as the campaign referenced on Dorn VII, belong to javieralcover, while Deb(elius) belongs to Jared Skald. I regret nothing with this crossover (original characters from a roleplay game, put with established canons, so I'm calling it a crossover) which I've decided is now canon. It all started with me imagining how... interesting it would be if Cain was faced with Briar's compulsive saluting. That, and I miss playing the character, so it's fun to write her sometimes. The two first-person narratives needed to structure this story like one of the canon stories was a nice challenge as well. Footnotes are at the bottom of the fic. And yey for techno-babble!
Disclaimer: Unlike most of my Warhammer 40,000 stories, this one involves a few characters pre-established in canon. Cain, Jurgen, Amberly, Broklaw, Zyvan and Kasteen are the creation of the spectacular Sandy Mitchell - the first book in the series is For The Emperor, and I'd recommend it to 40,000 fans and sci-fi fans alike. It doesn't take itself as seriously as the rest of the fandom and as such really gets you into things without being intimidating. Warhammer itself belongs to The Games Workshop.

"At ease, trooper." )